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Optimise Your Chances of Success by Training with Experts

Specialising in outdoor, adventure and wilderness sports, you know that there is no one else in the southern hemisphere with the pedigree and expertise of the Joe’s Basecamp team to optimise your success at your challenge, whether it be mountaineering, adventuring, trekking, mountain biking or paddling. If it happens in the wilderness and can be trained for, we are here to help you succeed with your endeavours.

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Feel confident and fully prepared – you are in the hands of unrivalled experts in the field
  • Several programs to choose from
  • Tap into the JBC network – you can train in an environment surrounded by likeminded and inspirational people
  • Your program can be completely tailored from novice to elite level
  • Completely science and evidence based programming
  • Heavily coached and educational – JBC coaches are all about the ‘teach a man to fish’ principle
adventure training northern beaches


People ask me how I get fit for adventure and expeditions (because I am not some amazing elite athlete, I puff and curse my way up the hills as hard as everyone else!) and it’s an honour to tell them I choose to train down at Joe’s Basecamp because of what they stand for. There’s not a single mirror in the place, just lots of cool maps and adventure inspiration. They train you hard and holistically to be able to do extraordinary things, not just to “look good for summer in a bikini”. If you want a robust (often painful… but in a good way) gym that actually cares about you and your goals, check them out. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. BEWARE – you’ll find yourself climbing a mountain, skiing across ice fields, trekking some remote corner of the globe or entering some rad obstacle course or adventure race in no time.

– Caroline Pemberton, Ex-Miss Australia, TV Producer & Adventurer

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