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At Joe’s Basecamp Gym we have a mission

To provide the training, the inspiration and the opportunity for people to lead a fitter, more fulfilled and adventurous life

To get 100,000 people out of their comfort zones and achieving extraordinary things.

We work with any challenge and adventure no matter how big or small, from our weather beaten professional adventurers or someone just starting their journey and planning their first ever trek or trail run.

You see, we want people to get out there, get amongst it, live large and tear chunks out of life.

We believe given the right stimulus, people will push boundaries and appreciate themselves and their capabilities more.

We believe that given confidence in themselves, they will get out
there and explore.

And hopefully this will broaden their horizons and they will appreciate their neighbours and also appreciate this amazing and beautiful world we live in.

We believe that our philosophy of using physical training, challenge and adventure as a conduit for personal growth and positive change will help grow better, stronger, and appreciative people; who are more robust, resilient and more empathetic and caring towards themselves, their surroundings, the environment and others.

We want to equip people with the physical and mental strength to succeed at whatever challenges they choose to take on.
This means building a team of people who aren’t just looking for a job, but make an impact and change for fitness, nutrition, mindset, wellness and adventure.

Joe’s Basecamp is one of the leading Strength & Conditioning facilities looking after the physical training and programming for people in a broad selection of wilderness and adventure sports and activities such as (but not limited to)



Mountain Biking

Trail and Ultra Running

Ski Touring and winter sports

Paddle sports

Endurance swimming

Polar travel

We also have a strong lifestyle based membership who train with us because they love our philosophy.

Do you consider yourself adventurous and like to try new things?

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Joe’s Basecamp
28 Parkes Road Collaroy NSW 2097
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