Exercise Recommendations To Improve:


Exercise 1: Glute Activation Exercise

Banded Hip Bridge: Lying on your back, bend your legs so that you can touch them with your hands. Place a mini green around your knees and set your feet up to shoulder width apart. Stretch the green mini band with your feet flat to the floor and keeping it stretched bridge your hips up and down.<br/><br/>Sets + Reps: 2 x 10-25 @ 2112

Tall Kneeling Hip Hinge: Set a GHD up as short as possible and hook your feet under the pads and against the foot plate. Start with your knees at 90 degrees, torso straight and keeping your hips on top of your knees, bend at your hips to lower your torso to the ground. Once at 90 degrees of hip bend, return to the starting position and repeat.<br/><br/>

Set + Reps: 2 x 3-15 @ 4211