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Lift Heavy, Run Far, Climb High… Bomb-Proof Your Performance

This is our main Group training program. A General Physical Preparation program designed to make you more robust, resilient and ready for any adventure or challenge. Our program is split into levels to suit your ability – Green Circle, Blue Square, Black Diamond. Be prepared to have general fitness, endurance and strength like you have never had before. Your baseline fitness, exercise knowledge and confidence in your abilities will sky-rocket.

results based personal training northern beaches
results based personal training northern beaches

Coached, Supported and Educated from Start to Finish

Constantly supported by our team of coaches and by other members of Joe’s Basecamp, you’ll love the atmosphere and support you get from the whole Basecamp crew. Unlike other programs where coaches’ sole purpose is to act as a cheer squad. We coach and educate from start to finish, keeping you on track, educating you, keeping you safe and making sure you are performing to your best.

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Feel stronger and faster
  • Become more robust and resilient
  • Feel more confident
  • Increase strength and power to bodyweight ratio (ideal for those who don’t want to get bigger (i.e. runners, climbers)
  • Learn new skills
  • Become part of a great community
  • Have people to bounce ideas and adventures off
  • Find running/climbing/adventuring/Obstacle course racing and mountain biking partners and buddies
  • Science based
  • Heavily coached
results based personal training northern beaches

Membership Options

  • Base

  • This is our no frills option. Utilise the facility in your own time and have the freedom to train when you want and how you want.
    • $35 per week
  • Ultra

  • The ‘all access’ pass to our Strength and Conditioning program! Come as many times as you like! This is our most popular option.
    • $76 per week
  • Trail

  • Perfect strength training regime for those training for endurance events with high volumes of external training…. As any good S&C coach should tell you… we don’t want to see you more than twice a week.
    • $55 per week


A friend discovered Joe’s Basecamp when we decided to embark on obstacle racing 18 months ago. Since the start of 2018, I have trained at Joe’s under the strength and conditioning program. After being a member at a gym chain for 15 years, I was looking for a place where I could complete weight programs in a controlled environment I.e. advice on correct posture and guidance on exercises. I also needed somewhere that I couldn’t get bored in and train with people that didn’t wear lipstick and talk on the phone whilst on a treadmill… Not only have I found my home of exercise but also found a great community of like minded people that after a short time I call friends. No week is ever the same and on the days you don’t really feel like doing anything, Joe and his team will get the best out of you. My overall fitness and strength have excelled and more to the point, I am injury free. Joe’s Basecamp is the gym you go to when you realise you want to be your best and you want to do it with a great bunch of people.

– Shelley Larkin, Business Consultant

Strength & Conditioning Timetable

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