Can this Headset Improve Your Performance?

Are you a recreational athlete or sports player looking to improve your performance? You could be involved in an independent clinical trial for the first-ever neurostimulation device designed to accelerate gains from movement training.

Halo claims that wearing the halo headset before any physical activity will help the user's brain learn to better control and activate the muscles they need for that activity. It is claimed that when paired with physical training, Halo Sport has been shown to accelerate gains in strength, explosiveness, endurance and skill.

The Research department of the Australian Catholic University, Elysium High Performance and Joe's Basecamp, are conducting an independent study to support the existing literature and Joe’s Basceamp has been invited to run the very first independent Australian Clinical Trial of the Halo Sports neuro-stimulation headsets which will start on 27th May 2019. We are looking for 20 recreational athletes to join us for one month of training, using the Halo Sport Method to track improvements and monitor strength and performance gains during the clinical trial.

Would you like to participate in the halo clinical trial?

Joe’s Basecamp has been invited to run the very first Halo Clinical Trial which will start on 27 May 2019.

We are looking for 20 high performance athletes to join us for one month of training, using the Halo Sport Method to track improvements and monitor strength and performance gains during the clinical trial. 


What is the science behind Neurostimuation?

Basically it stimulates the brain into learning movement faster.

Neurostimulation increases your brain’s natural plasticity, so you can create and strengthen motor pathways faster.

The Halo headset works by neurostimulation, inducing a temporary state of “hyperplasticity,” or hyperlearning, in the motor cortex of the brain (a brain area that plays a central role in controlling movement in our bodies). It does this using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS),applying a small electric current to the part of the brain that controls movement, activating neurons so they fire more often when you train. The more neurons fire, together, the faster pathways are built in your brain.

That means you can learn any movement faster — from playing an instrument, to learning to juggle or performing movements such as olympic weightlifting or gymnastics.

EXISTING Case Studies...

Elite athletes across the world in a variety of sports have seen improvements in strength and skill after adding Halo Sport to their training. For example, at the Michael Johnson Performance center in Texas, collegiate athletes who combined Halo Sport with training improved leg strength by 12% in two weeks. Compare this to the control group, which saw 2% improvement. The US Olympic Ski Team, ski jumpers who trained with Halo Sport increased jump smoothness by 11% and increased propulsive force by 13% over the sham control group in four weeks. You can learn more about Halo Sports work with elite athletes by visiting

COULD Neurostimulation improve the following?


To play guitar or sink a putt, your brain has to send signals to the correct muscles in a specific order. With Halo Sport, your brain needs fewer reps to perfect that process.


To lift more weight, your brain needs to send a stronger signal to your muscles. With Halo Sport, your brain strengthens that signal faster.


At the end of a run, your brain is sending weaker signals to your muscles, so you feel fatigued. With Halo Sport, your brain learns to maintain stronger signals throughout the run.

a clinical trial by

Be a part of AN INDEPENDENT CLINICAL TRIAL USING cutting edge technology TO improve your performance!

How does it improve performance?

Here's what you will need to do TO PARTICIPATE

• You must be available to train between 3 – 5 times per week at the Joe’s Basecamp Strength & Conditioning facility.

• You must be carrying no injuries or pre-existing conditions.

• You must be used to regular exercise.

• You must not have any pre-existing neurological conditions or have a pacemaker fitted.


• Free unlimited access to Joe’s Basecamp Strength & Conditioning facility to train as a part of the clinical trial for 30 days

• Use of a Halo Sport Headset to train, at least 3 times per week

• Performance testing at the start and end of trial

Note: There are no fees, charges or costs involved to participate in this trial if you are selected.

Here's where it's happening!

Unit 7 22/16 Cross Street, Brookvale NSW 2100

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

No you don’t but you do have a to have a base level of fitness and have been training regularly for at least 6 of the last 12 months.

No we need all members of the study following the same program.

No not at all, this is a study, we don’t care if you are a member of another gym, a knitting group or the organisation for the proliferation of life on mars, we just need your time, your brain and for you to be healthy.

Nope that is a gift for you for participating in the trial. To say thank you we’d also like to give you an extra 2 weeks to train at our facility after the trial has ended so that you can either use or gift it to a family member or friend.

No this is NOT a sales pitch. We are trying to get validated information on the efficiency of the neuromuscular stimulation and its effects on performance.

It will go towards research backed by the Australian Catholic University into this subject.

Sorry, you are reading the FAQ’s for the wrong study.

No sorry that’s not going to work. We need you to be here for the entire time.

A minimum of three sessions per week with the headset.

No you wear it prior or during your warm up.

Only if you wear it whilst doing snatches whilst standing on a balance board on the edge of a five story building!! 

Yes I want to apply