Exercise Recommendations To Improve:


Exercise 1: Hip Soft Tissue

Foam Roller/Ball Anterior + Posterior Hip And Iliac Crest: Sit one buttock on top of your implement and roll slowly along the muscles from the back of your hip to the front of your hip via the pelvic crest applying pressure that is uncomfortable but that you are able to breathe through normally.<br/><br/>Set + Reps: 30-60secs per side, per body part

Exercise 2: Hip Mobility Exercises

Hip Flow: Set up on bottom with knees dropped to one side, hips and knees at 90 degrees. Pulling your knees and feet into the ground and using a plate as a counterbalance, pull your torso up at tall as possible as whilst pushing the plate away as counterbalance and attempt to maintain this height as you pull the plate back in and repeat. To progress, get rid of the plate for counterbalance and work both on moving knees from side to side and rising up off your bottom onto your knees.<br/><br/>

Sets + Reps: 2-3 x 10-20/side