Gym's are dead, long live the new gym!

I’m Joe Bonington, most of you guys know me already. I’m a Strength and Conditioning coach, a personal trainer, a trek leader, a lifestyle coach, the bucket list coach, and the co-owner of Joe’s Basecamp.
As a coach, as a father and as someone who loves life and all this amazing world has to offer, it really saddens me to see that many aspects of our fitness industry haven’t matured. It’s still full of images of airbrushed lads and lasses covered in fake tan, obsessed with themselves.
The big gyms are still places where people don’t get to know you and what you’re about, they don’t encourage you to look outwards beyond the gym walls.
So now lots of smaller gyms or “boxes” have popped up everywhere, there are 19 within a couple of square kilometres of where I’m sitting now. There are some really great ones out there. The ones that stand out are the ones that stand for something, that have a culture and a community, that welcome you in and care about who you are. Unfortunately there are still many that don’t…. it’s Workout Of the Day or the highway!
That’s why we – my friend and business partner Henry Talbot – have built Joe’s Basecamp. It was to create an inspirational space that encourages people to think of more than just losing 5kg or putting on 2kg of lean muscle…. although that will happen too, in the process.
Our journey is both in the gym and outdoors in the real world. Our’s is a place where you can train for life’s adventures, whatever they maybe. From improving your quality of life and getting your energy back, to your first trail run,bush walk,  a trek , a ski holiday or even the top of Everest.
It’s a selfish exercise for me. I love people and I love seeing people grow, I love the look on their faces when they realise they can do so much more than they thought they could. I am also passionate about creating a strong nurturing community that supports one another in growth and I see our fitness being the cornerstone to all we do. Get fit, expand your horizons, do things you never thought possible and help others along the way… a simple philosophy really.
So if you want to find out why it’s about “Maps and NOT mirrors” and “Living a more adventurous life” or what you have to do to get a Free Life Membership, you need to come down on our Open Day. Enjoy a healthy sausage sizzle, talk to the awesome health and fitness professionals who work with us, listen to our fantastic speakers, meet our members.
Have an open mind and dream big – be inspired to get out of your comfort zone.

Two poms Henry and Joe who want to change the way the world sees why they train.

Two fellas Henry and Joe who want to help people train well, collect memories and live life to the full.


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