Teens Conditioning Class (age 12-15): Term 4 2020


Is your teenager at risk of hurting themselves and doing permanent damage?

Does your teen want to start or has started training at the Gym? Do they know what they are doing? Could they be at risk of doing permanent damage to themselves? Would you like them to be coached in a safe and controlled learning environment which will get the best out of them?

Who is this for?

  • Teens aged 13-15
  • Teens who’ve got to that age that they want to start working out both boys and girls
  • Teens who want to improve general performance and fitness
  • Teens who’d like to feel confident in a public gym
  • Teens who don’t want to risk injury.
  • Teens who are playing sports and want to improve speed, power and strength

Imagine feeling confident in your son or daughter’s ability to look after themselves in the gym! Be reassured that they know correct gym etiquette when around adults. Know that they can use safe and effective methods to train including warm ups designed to prevent injury.

Enable your teen to be a healthy, confident person with all the skills they need to improve their strength, power, flexibility and movement. They will:

  • Discover how to program for performance for field sports and life.
  • Learn the secrets of strength training safely
  • Learn the secrets of why most teens waste money on supplements that don’t work


When: Mondays 4:30pm, beginning 12th October 2020
Cost: $175 for the ten week term. Yes we are an Active Kids provider!

To claim your voucher with us, enter the below code at checkout and e-mail your active kids voucher number through to info@joesbasecamp.com.au


N.B. only 1 discount applied per order, so if you have more than one child, you will need to do a separate order.

Age: Suited to children 13-15 years*

*If you have a child that does not fit into this bracket but you are interested, please call us on 02 8084 5295 to discuss.

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