Teens Summer Training Program

$166.00 / month for 2 months

  • Do you have a teen about to finish school for the year and would like to keep them active and entertained?
  • Maybe you’re having a staycation these holidays?
  • Or you’d like to them socialise with their friends in a fun and safe environment?

Does your teen want to start or has started training at the Gym? Do they know what they are doing? Could they be at risk of doing permanent damage to themselves? Would you like them to be coached in a safe and controlled learning environment which will get the best out of them?

Our exclusive summer teens training offer will provide access to our strength and conditioning program with access to daily coached sessions, the ability to log and track workouts, and access to our supportive Basecamp crew.

Who is this for?

  • Teens aged 14+
  • Teens who’ve got to that age that they want to start working out both males and females
  • Teens who want to improve general performance and fitness
  • Teens who’d like to feel confident in a public gym
  • Teens who don’t want to risk injury.
  • Teens who are playing sports and want to improve speed, power and strength

Enable your teen to be a healthy, confident person with all the skills they need to improve their strength, power, flexibility and movement. They will:

  • Discover how to program for performance for field sports and life.
  • Learn the secrets of strength training safely
  • Learn the secrets of why most teens waste money on supplements that don’t work



When: December 1st – February 1st
Cost: $166 per month. Yes we are an active kids voucher so if you have a voucher remaining you can redeem it.

To claim your voucher with us, enter the below code at checkout and e-mail your active kids voucher number through to info@joesbasecamp.com.au


N.B. only 1 discount applied per order, so if you have more than one child, you will need to do a separate order.

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