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A supportive, educational, and progressive Strength and Conditioning program for teens

  • Does your teen want to start or has started training at the Gym?
  • Is your teenager at risk of hurting themselves and doing permanent damage?
  • Do they know what they are doing?
  • Could they be at risk of doing permanent damage to themselves?
  • Would you like them to be coached in a safe and controlled learning environment which will get the best out of them?

Joe’s Basecamp offers a specialised Youth Development program in a controlled and highly coached environment, where teens can learn how to train safely, effectively, and understand the benefits of a structured strength and conditioning program.

Who is this for?

  • Teens aged 13-15
  • Teens who’ve got to that age that they want to start working out both boys and girls
  • Teens who want to improve general performance and fitness
  • Teens who’d like to feel confident in a public gym
  • Teens who don’t want to risk injury
  • Teens who are playing sports and want to improve speed, power, and strength
  • Imagine feeling confident in your son or daughter’s ability to look after themselves in the gym! Be reassured that they know the correct gym etiquette when around adults. Know that they can use safe and effective methods to train including warm ups designed to prevent injury.

Enable your teen to be a healthy, confident person with all the skills they need to improve their strength, power, flexibility and movement. They will:

  • Discover how to program for performance for field sports and life.
  • Learn the secrets of strength training safely
  • Learn the secrets of why most teens waste money on supplements that don’t work

We offer both term-based programs and a Young Athlete membership, with inclusions below.

Young Athlete Training

  • Youth Development Term Program

  • 10 x week term-based program with classes on Mondays and Fridays at 4.30pm

    Includes session tracking and coach support via training app

    • $20 per week
    • $200 per term
  • Young Athlete Membership

  • Access to ANY 4.30pm class including 2 x teens only sessions (Mon and Fri at 4.30pm)

    Access to Saturday AM group S&C sessions

    Session tracking and coach support via training app

    Includes up to 8 weeks unpaid leave per year

    • $38 per week
    • $166 per month, billed monthly

Would you like something specialised to support your teen’s development? Get in touch

Can’t make it into the gym?  Keep them moving with some of our FREE Basecamp Homies workouts below…



At Joe’s Basecamp, I train harder than I ever have. My body and mind have done things most people wouldn’t dream of… it makes me feel invincible.

– Nix Bannister, Writer, Coach & Mother

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