The Power of Desire: Achieving Your Adventure Goals

Today, let’s talk about your adventure-based goals and how much you want to achieve them. If you’ve had a goal sitting on your bucket list for a long time, perhaps it’s time to start taking action toward achieving it. Now, is this goal something you REALLY want to achieve?

Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker also known as the hip-hop preacher, shares a powerful anecdote about a mentor who submerged a young man’s head underwater and pulled him out, saying, “If you REALLY want to achieve your goals, you’ve got to want them as much as you want to breathe.” It may be a little extreme, but it’s true in many ways.

Many expeditions, adventures, and trips fall apart because the people who were involved didn’t want it as bad as everybody else. When individuals fail to invest in the necessary training, hard work, and logistical preparation, they often falter when it’s time to execute and ultimately bail out at the last minute.


To identify your ultimate goals, here’s a good exercise/activity for you to try:

  1. Take a moment to reflect on all the things you aspire to do or achieve and jot them down on paper.
  2. Then, take each item and read it out loud while tracing it with your finger.
  3. For each goal, you have to go deeper and examine how you feel emotionally about it by asking yourself:
  • Do you feel a sense of excitement and motivation?
  • Do you feel a sense of hesitation or doubt?

By examining your goals in this way, you can gain clarity and insight into what truly drives you and what may need more attention and focus.

4. Next, you need to focus on prioritising your goals by asking yourself:

  • Can you stack your goals in order of importance?
  • If you’ve got a bunch of goals, which goal would you prefer to prioritise and focus on first?

Take your time to reflect on your various aspirations and identify the one that deserves your immediate focus. By self-sorting your goals in this way, you can apply this method to any aspect of your life and achieve your desired outcomes more effectively.

Whatever your goal is, whether it’s a trip, expedition, or adventure, it’s best to concentrate on that one goal. The brain can only hold so much information. From personal experience, I know that taking on too many tasks often leads to accomplishing less and with less quality.

In order to achieve your goals, start by defining them and then work through each item systematically. As you work through each goal, don’t worry too much about the financial cost, logistics, and other potential barriers. If you REALLY want something that badly, that shit’s going to happen. It’s only when you don’t want something badly enough that it becomes an excuse.

In conclusion, achieving your adventure goals requires more than just desire. It takes commitment, hard work, and careful planning. By identifying your goals, prioritizing them, and investing in the necessary training and preparation, you can turn your dreams into reality. Don’t let fear of the unknown or lack of knowledge hold you back from achieving what you truly want.

Embrace the challenge and take the first step towards your adventure today.

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