An open letter to all people everywhere… from your Self Belief

believe in yourself


I, am your self belief 

It’s me, that whisper you hear sometimes,

that feeling in your deep gut,

that voice that’s there for you, once those other fearful voices simmer.

I am your cheerleader

and I have been here the whole time. 


I am your imagination, your mind’s eye, 

that feeling you have when you visualize your dream.

I am your dream, and in your dream you can possess. 

I am your manifestation of greatness.

I am your challenge.

I am your plan implemented.

Your sense of self value, come to fruition.


Comparison steals me, distractions waste me.

I need a microphone, amplified, standing on top of the mountain already conquered,

yelling joyous

I can do it.

You can do it.


Now is the time, you are to trust in me.

This magnetic pulling of knowing

I, am already the person you want to emerge as.

I, think like the person you want to become.


Reformed, emancipated, 

Expansive, limitless, poetic in my actualization on the path clear, paved with cheerleaders.

I am unstoppable, greater than the sum of all your parts.

Greater than all your past accomplishments, with me, you are handed the lucky golden card of success.

The time has come. 

Hand me the megaphone.

Listen no longer to those other voices, not yours but the shared doubt dialogue of humanities human experience.

I am here, and trust in me. 

I have the luminous elixir, the fluorescent purple green mercury liquid,

if drunk spreading through your body, to fingers and toes, electrifying the nerves and turing the senses on

Trust in me.

Hand me the mega phone.

I am here.

The time has come. 

From your Self Belief By Stephanie Quirk

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