Day 1: Trekking Through Upper Mustang, Nepal

Today, I want to take you on an awesome journey to the breathtaking landscapes of Upper Mustang, Nepal. Join me as I recount my trekking adventure through this wild and magnificent terrain, filled with rugged beauty and cultural richness.

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From Pokhara to Jomsom

From the moment we landed at Pokhara Airport, I knew this trek would be something special.

It was the start of an adventure into Upper Mustang, Nepal, a region known for its wild and rugged landscape. Our first day took us from Pokhara to Jomsom, the gateway to this remote area close to the Chinese border.

Jomsom, with its limited flight schedule due to high winds, serves as the starting and ending point for many treks, including the famous Annapurna Circuit. After arriving, we fine-tuned our route and waited for a jeep to take us to Kagbeni, where our trek would truly begin. The dusty, busy stretch between Jomsom and Kagbeni was best avoided by jeep, though some trekkers still braved the walk.

The clash between our desire to preserve this place as a remote, untouched paradise and the reality of the impact of roads on local culture was apparent. The roads brought convenience for travelers but also changed the way of life for the local people, affecting tourism revenue and prompting youth to leave their traditional livelihoods behind.

From Kagbeni to Chele

From Kagbeni, our trek to Chele began, a 10-kilometer walk that took us through a landscape that resembled a moonscape. The arid, dry terrain, a result of being in the rain shadow of Annapurna, was both harsh and beautiful. Along the way, we encountered a trekking dog, a common companion on such journeys, and marveled at the soft rock formations that characterised the area.

Meeting Kinga, our guide, provided insight into the local way of life. He shared his journey from running a small shop in Kathmandu to becoming a porter and eventually a guide. His story highlighted the importance of tourism for the local economy and the challenges faced by the community in adapting to changing times.

As we continued our trek, passing through villages like Thangbe, with its oasis-like farms, and observing the communal straw-making process, I couldn’t help but be struck by the resilience and ingenuity of the people living in such harsh environments. The landscape, though harsh, was undeniably beautiful, with its stark contrasts and breathtaking vistas.

Arriving at Chele, tired but happy after nearly five hours of trekking, I felt a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. The altitude was noticeable, but it added to the sense of adventure and challenge. After changing into my evening clothes, I enjoyed a warm cup of ginger tea and dal bhat, a comforting meal that rejuvenated me for the days ahead.

Tomorrow, we would continue our journey to Samar, a picturesque village on the way to Lo Manthang. The promise of more stunning landscapes and cultural experiences awaited us, reinforcing my belief that adventures like these not only challenge us physically but also enrich our souls and broaden our perspectives.

Insights and Reflections

Trekking through Upper Mustang is not just a physical journey but also a journey of discovery. It’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in a unique culture, witness the resilience of the human spirit, and appreciate the raw beauty of nature. It’s a reminder that while roads may bring convenience, there’s a value in preserving the untouched beauty of remote places like Upper Mustang.

So, join me on this most awesome adventure, as we trek through the wild landscapes of Upper Mustang, Nepal, and discover the magic of this remote corner of the world.

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