Buying Foam Rollers and Swiss Balls

Stretching, to be effective must be done everyday. That’s why we need to have a certain amount of simple equipment in the home. After sending clients off to various places to buy the equipment needed and having to rely on the service of others (sometimes what our clients needed was not in stock), we’ve teamed up with Aok to have some of the best equipment in the world available to you at very competitive prices in our very own shop.
Take for example the Aok Swiss Balls. I’ve used Aok balls for 10 years. They are widely recognized as the best, strongest and most durable on the market. I personally prefer the slightly more expensive Maxball but the Medi Ball Pro is a great ball used by most Fitness Centers and recommended by Paul Chek.
Every house also needs a foam roller. The foam roller in it’s various forms is one of the most important flexibility tools available. I shall go into detail as to why in a separate article. The new Thera Roll is a great more aggressive version.
There is just one last thing that is a must, more so for those of you that travel, so you can keep up with your strength training whilst on holiday or business…. no more excuses. The TRX can be used anywhere.
Would love to know what you think of our shop. Any feedback is much appreciated.

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