General Health Check Before Trekking

Not doing this one thing could ruin a trek before its starts!

Are you a desk jockey aged over 45 and planning a big adventure for the first time?

Today, let’s talk about your general health, nutrition, and well-being in regard to you doing a major event, such as a big climb or a long trek, and the preparation for that event. It is REALLY important that we look at our health and lifestyle. It would already be a great start for you if you go to the gym, bang out a few sets of weights, and go for some runs.

But we also need to look at the whole picture because that affects everything. It will affect your exercise response, how you build your aerobic capacity, how at risk of injury you are, and how you cope with altitude and fatigue.

That is why you need to clean up your act. Don’t worry there are lots of health assessments and self assessment questionnaires I recommend, that look at your diet, sleep hygiene, what you eat, when you eat, etc., in order for them to get a gauge of your general health.

I’d also recommend you get a blood panel done and have a look at those markers as well.

You really should check the whole bit before you embark on this journey, especially if you belong to the age bracket of 45 and over and you’ve been sitting on your arse for living.

Test and assess your general health and well-being and know where you are at with those concerns.

Take charge of your health and visit your doctor before embarking on your journey.

By doing all of these, you’ll have a better understanding of your overall health and be ready for the challenge.

Embarking on a journey requires adequate preparation. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a first-time adventurer, I’ve got you covered.


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