Goal Setting


Mapping out successful performance goal setting.

Hi, it’s Joe the bucket list coach here. I want to give you a clear way to map out the route to your goals.

Now, I want you to think of a goal as being a big red X on a map. But it’s a map that is unexplored territory. There’s no contours, no lines, no way points, no features, no tracks, or no trails, it has no route. It’s just a blank expanse with your mighty red X right in the middle. You might as well write across the whole thing ‘here be dragons’.

Now, once you know what that X is, it is every other thing that you do, and you think of that will populate that map.

And the more detail that you have, the clearer the map is going to get. The more visible and the more obvious the path that you’re going to take.

So how do I populate the map?

First of all, think with the end in mind, what is my goal? What exactly is it that I intend to achieve? Get as clear as you can with that.

Let’s look first at skills acquisition. What are the various skills needed to achieve the goal? What are my current skill levels in relation to the skills that are needed? And not just that, what are the skill levels needed to train for the goal? And what are my current skill levels there?

What equipment is needed? Are there any courses available? Can I find a mentor or mentors who have done what it is that I want to do? Or can help me in various aspects of the journey? What financial resources are needed? How much will this exercise cost?

And time? How long does this goal take? Does it have a fixed date? Such as an event? Or is it of my choosing? Do I need to lock it in? How much time will the skills acquisition take? What other resources do I need? Transport, accommodation, nutrition, etc?

Who do I have in my corner? Where else could it get support?

Every single part and thing that you think of in place on your map takes you one step closer to a clearer route.

And don’t forget your contingencies. Remember, to coin a phrase from neural linguistic programming, “the map is not the territory”, meaning that once you get out there into the real world and away from the planning, things can come up, accidents can happen, budgets can blow out, inclement weather can become a hindrance. These are the unseen things that are on the map just like rock falls blocking a path. Do you have more than one route to your destination? What will you do if something goes wrong now or in training and preparation, or actually during the achievement of your goal? If it’s on the map, it needs a “what if” beside it to provide an alternative route.

If you’d like to access resources around goal setting for events and adventures, DM me and let’s talk further.

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