Member in Focus – Joss Stewart

Adventure has no limits. It can be eternally ingrained, forever a siren call into the mind. One of our members Joss sets the example. A person who has lived an adventurous life and is not stopping yet. She cultivates mind body and spirit to live her dreams. 

Joss sat down to answer some questions before she heads out to the desert to undertake a mammoth walk. Solo. Take it away Joss. 


What’s your first memory of adventure?

Two things spring to mind:

  1. In 1975 at age 25, I was travelling with my then handsome young blonde boyfriend Trevor. We were in the far east of Turkey around Lake Van, hitching a ride with lorries across the border aiming to make it to Damascus in Syria. (And by the way, Trevor attracted more attention than me in those male dominant parts). It was hot, dusty, accommodation was scarce and very basic.
  2. Then in 1980 at age 30, I was solo – standing at a petrol station on the outskirts of Manaus Brazil. Hoping to hitch a ride with timber lorries up into Venezuala. I was heading to Caracus to catch a flight across to Miami after spending a sensational and very exciting 12 months back packing by road (on a very tight budget of AUD$3,000) through South America. I visited every country except Uruguay.


Why did you sign up to Joe’s Basecamp?

To get myself into a committed trek training routine and be inspired by like minded people.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Three things spring to mind that I pretty much carry with me daily


  1. “Rush slowly”  (Tim Cope)


  1. Stop giving unsolicited advice (Tim Cope )


  1. It’s not getting to the top that matters, it’s the journey getting there and enjoying it (Tim Macartney Snape)


How would you describe your adventure style?

Determined, tenacious, I like being challenged – usually taking an adventure on simply to see if I can.


Who would you want to trade places for a day and why?



What inspires you?

People who are tougher, fitter, way more talented, determined, tenacioius than me.


What’s the most important skill going on adventures has taught you?

That I have 25% more in my tank than I thought I did.


What are you training for at the moment?

On the 24th of July I am walking the Larapinta Trail solo. It takes 16 days, is a 230 kms long trail from Mt Sonder to Alice Springs. I’ll be carrying the house and the kitchen sink on my back so that weight will be tough for me.


What does your ultimate adventure look like? 

There are two items on the list: climb Ama Dablam and ride in the Mongol Derby. (At age 70 time is of the essence.)


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