Member Spotlight: Darren Ottawa

member Darren Ottawa


What’s your first memory of adventure?

A weekend camping, bushwalking and lilo-ing (I think that’s how you spell it) down the Colo River. [The river is a part of the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment, located in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales.]


Why did you sign up to Joe’s Basecamp?

I was looking for a gym that would train my then nearly 14 year old son.  After ringing around a few gyms who didn’t have much in the way of membership options for teens I spoke with Joe and he explained that Joe’s Basecamp had plenty of experience training teenagers. After seeing the great experience my son had training at the gym I joined not long after.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Probably 2 that stick:

  1. It costs nothing to be respectful of other people.
  2. Always be reading a book.


How would you describe your adventure style?

Chaotic. I just like to create opportunities to spend time with family and friends, preferably somewhere off the grid.


Who would you want to trade places for a day and why?

There are few people now making a living out of touring Australia, camping and fishing and making their adventures available on social media. So if I could somehow traverse my complete disinterest in social media, showing people the best that remote Australia has to offer would be a fantastic lifestyle! Even if only for a day.


What inspires you?

The natural world.


What’s the most important skill going on adventures has taught you?

For the benefit of those around you, maintain a positive attitude no matter how challenging a situation becomes.


What are you training for at the moment?

Other than Kokoda nothing specific. I just like to make sure I’m in good condition to tackle whatever comes next.


What does your ultimate adventure look like?

4 wheel driving, fishing and camping in the Kimberleys.


What are you looking forward to with Kokoda?

Having read the books and watched the movies, just witnessing it all first hand!


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