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Shelley Larkin

What’s On Running: Everyday Athlete

Our adventure community is the one thing everyone comments on when speaking about Joe’s. This month, as we take a magnifying glass to running, we threw a few questions at one of those incredible members: Shelley. 


Shelley optimises everyday adventure as she juggles work, family, children and getting solo time outside running. Is she wonder woman? It’s probable. Read on to see what drives our everyday athlete Shelly Larkin: 


Can you introduce yourself? 


I’m Shelley, a Mother of 3 (8, 7 & 5yrs), approaching my 40th year and work as an Independent Business Consultant. If there was anything I couldn’t give up – it would be a run (and maybe chocolate) which I purely do for timeout, competition with myself and listening to my hard dance music.


How did you get started with running?


I discovered running in my 20’s when I entered a challenge to lose weight with my co-workers. I’d moved to Sydney from the UK two years previous and thought it was cool to spend your lunchtime running over the harbour bridge.


What was your intention when you first started running?


To actually run not ‘jog’ and to lose weight but then discovered how quickly I could change my running, terrain, speed & enjoying the awesome outdoor space we live in.


What have you learned from running?


Every run is different. Not just location or weather but mentally. How your body is feeling and what headspace you are in. It’s also my “go to” if I am feeling stressed or need to work something out in my head. It can take me to a place of a clear head space (usually because I’ve pushed myself and feel like I am going to stop breathing or my heart will stop …).


When I was in my teens and early 20’s, I loved to party and go clubbing. I realised I had the ability to change my course, my body, my health, I missed the frequent clubbing nights but running helped me with that. I have been known to ignore people whilst on a run because I looked in the “zone” but truthfully, I think it’s the loud dance music that always accompanies my runs.


How has running impacted your life?


Running is a ME activity. I don’t like running with people and in the past I may have made an excuse not to run with someone. If I’ve gone for a run – I can guarantee I will be good company afterwards…


Running has given me the endurance to break out into other activities such as ocean swimming, high intensity training and obstacle racing.


What would you recommend to someone who wants to dip their toe in running?


Start slow but dream big! Anyone can run (bar those needing surgery on their limbs). And it doesn’t matter what age or weight you are – if you listen to your body you can achieve anything and start anytime.


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