Out of 70, 000 thoughts a day… only one really counts.

Hey guys, how we doing?

It’s Joe Bonington here, the bucket list coach, and today I’m going to get into your head, we need to talk about some mindset, we need to talk about performance and a bit of psychology, you know, so what is your mindset?

Your success in adventure sports and wilderness activities more often than not depends on what’s going on inside your head, as opposed to what’s happening inside your muscles.

Are you in control of your emotions? Or do your emotions control you?

What response patterns and programs are you running?

Our mindset is affected by everything that has happened to us from the moment we’re born, until the very moment that you’re watching or reading this now this very moment in time.

It’s conditioned by our disposition by our environment, by ever changing and never changing circumstances.

How well do you know your patterns?

Did you know that despite having almost I think 70,000 thoughts a day, we only anchor a very few of them.

What I mean by anchor is that a select few of these thoughts stick with us. And they determine how we feel how we behave and ultimately how we perform.

So don’t you think it’d be invaluable to learn how to ensure that we choose the right thoughts, and then we make sure that the anchors are often those thoughts, the ones that will accelerate our likelihood for success.

And you can do that scientific studies with athletes have shown that working on our mindset and using specific techniques and exercises, we can have major positive outcomes in our performance, and on our levels of success and given activities.

And this can affect both our sporting performance, our physical performance. Also, it feeds off into other areas, you know, like our careers, our personal relationships, our working relationships, and everything else.

Yet, it’s an area that so few of us work on. And it only takes a few minutes a day. And it’s been shown that a few minutes a day of some really, really good mindset focus exercise can make a massive difference to our mental ability to our acuity to our mood to our stress levels, and ultimately to our performance and to our success.

So it’s worth it, isn’t it?

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