Sydney Running Carnival Results

Just wanted to let you know how the guys went who entered the running carnival. Everybody did really well.
Please get me more exact times when you have them…. any photo’s would be appreciated as well.

Bridge Run

Sarah Rathmell 44:31 (Good time as I’m told it included pit stop … did your mother never tell you to go before!)
Julie Williams 49:00 (Good effort on a strained calf)
Susan Robertson 50:25
Sarah B Rathmell 55.14
Melanie McQuire 58:41


Paul Higgins 4:24:01 Which is excellant as Paul has never done anything like this before
Unfortunately Nicole Salisbury was going to be doing the Marathon but pulled her calf in the last week of training (big big bummer…. sorry Nicole I know how frustrated you must be)

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