The year that was… from the Basecamp Coaches

The year that was… from the Basecamp Coaches

2020! What a year. We’ve ridden some big waves and at times felt like we were dumped on the shore. But we’ve dusted ourselves off and got back up on the board many times with lots of laughs in between. Bring on a big 2021!

Here’s what our coaches had been up to in 2020…

Blue: Blue joined the team in September, after eight exciting and unpredictable months in Australia. Having moved here from NZ in January, enjoying lockdown with her partner Oliver, learning Greek and cooking Spanakopita and Yemista together. Blue taught yoga online to her international community during the global lock down, before heading on a five week road trip through Queensland in August.
Blue brings with her a history of Biomechanics and Injury Prevention/ Rehabilitation and since starting at JBC Blue has immersed herself in our community and is now our newly appointed Head Coach. We look forward to experiencing 2021 with Blue as part of the JBC Management Team.

Mitch: Mitch has recently completed a Bachelor of Medical Science and will be commencing a Doctor of Medicine next year at Macquarie University. After managing a posterior shoulder dislocation during rugby, Mitch has spent the latter part of 2020 either on shoulder rehab or on puppy duties with his new Australian Shepherd pup. He’s loved working across all aspects of PT, Performance and S&C at Joe’s throughout the mayhem of 2020 and is excited what 2021 has in store for the Basecamp.

Jeremy: Jez has been a part of the JBC gym and community for the last 2 and a half years and has loved his job as a coach this year even though it has come with many challenges. Personally it has been a year of opportunity and growth rather than a negative or series of unfortunate events, like so many people unfortunately have experienced.
Definitely the highlight of the year was his engagement to Kirsty, who is his greatest support in life. Whilst the wedding has been postponed to 2021, he has been very grateful to remain happy and healthy.
Jez has told us that he thought he was made for the movie screens, remarking that even in his earlier years was told at a drive through that he was perfect as a professional voice over artist. Well didn’t his dreams come true this year when he became the number 1 live streamer fitness coach bringing workouts daily to our homes promising ‘dad jokes’, loud socks and riddles which he forgot the answers to. We’re looking forward to another big year with Jez in 2021.
Jackson: Jackson joined the team in November 2019 after joining our internship scheme back in 2018. He completed his physio degree in December 2019 and has been treating our JBC crew since February. Jackson is a big surfer/skier in his spare time and really enjoys educating people on the benefits of exercise and movement and finding ways of challenging even those in pain to perform at their best. Sadly Jackson will be leaving us at the end of the year to pursue full time work at SquareOne Physio and will be helping out with Manly Warringah Wolves Men’s AFL team with their S&C in 2021. Jackson was a big part of our performance program this year and was so grateful to work with such a great community and help out with all those niggles our community gets!
David: After joining the JBC team in 2019, managing the floor on Sundays, David has taken an additional role post Covid in being contact point for maintenance issues with equipment and floor during 2020, and is looking forward to leading some
classes in 2021. Having ‘flipped his meniscus’ requirying surgery in early October, most personal performance goals and plans
went out the window, with recovery in progress as we move closer to 2021.
David has a special focus on Strength for our aging population, and will be returning to lead 3-4 sessions
a week with the NSW Health Department sponsored ‘Health Lifestyle’ program at Northern Beaches Locations in the new year.
Other interests include most sports, with a focus on ‘football’, (refer meniscus injury) having coached or been a part of
football clubs for many years.
David’s goals for 2021 will be, injury permitting, the True Grit Enduro OCR event in March and the
UTA Trail 50km event in May, with a few other Trail or OCR type events thrown in the mix.
Looking into 2021 David will also lead our JBC Mud Monkeys (Obstacle course racing teams) entries in 2021 and
looks forward to working with anyone and everyone who may want to give them a try.

Oli: Oli joined the team in September and has slotted straight in as if he has been here for years. He enjoys being active through sports including football, snorkelling, bouldering and running! Oli has a passion for educating people on the benefits of exercise and movement so they can feel healthier and stronger. He brings a deep understanding of sports science and what is needed to help the body move freely and feel strong.

Kate: Kate has had a year of absolute discovery and pushing boundaries. Kate left her previous industry to learn an entirely new skillset to try a new career (incl. starting my own business). Kate built a van conversion entirely from scratch with her partner, Chris, in pursuit of seeing more of Australia and living a life of more adventure. The Spartan race season being canceled pushed Kate to learn Olympic lifting of which Kate is really enjoying the process and the technicality involved. Possibly the most defining moment in 2020 for Kate was purchasing a Fratelli Fresh ‘pasta port pass’, a pass entitling the beholder to any meal at any venue for free every single day for the rest of their life- good fine Kate!! It’s been a whole lot of pizza & pasta this year, and certainly the most delicious year of my life!

Elly: Elly had a pretty big 2020. Amongst all the normal challenges we faced, Elly juggled full time employment and trek training early mornings with some of our Basecamp Crew. In October she and Pat decided to take the plunge and relocate to sunny Queensland, selling their house in record time and buying only a few weeks ago. They officially move out of the beaches Monday 21st December, in what is probably one of the most unpredictable times to go to QLD. We have absolutely loved having Elly part of the community and know that she will still be an official crew member remotely as she and Megan continue to train for the Rottnest swim run which hopefully will go ahead in 2021. We will miss you so much Elly and we know how much the members will too (and the soft sand sessions!).

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