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Announcing an exciting new class – increase your flexibility and improve your performance

Would you like to gain more flexibility to improve your performance in the gym?
Imagine being able to squat deeper, run further and wake up without as many aches and pains!
If you don’t look after your body, where are you going to live?  An old saying, but a good one. For us to get the most out of our bodies at the gym and in life, we have to take care of them, preferably before they break down.
There is an easy way to spend some time giving back to your body whilst building flexibility and enhancing recovery after a week in the gym.  Joe’s Garage Gym is excited to be offering our members a regular Hatha Yoga class with Liz Kerr.
The class will suit all levels as Liz will offer different variations of the poses to suit beginner through to advanced students. The class will focus on poses that will build strength and flexibility. Additional benefits of regular Yoga practise are the bringing together of physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.
I have been attending Liz’s Hatha Yoga classes for a while now and have developed a much greater understanding of my body’s weaknesses and strengths as a result.  Liz has such a good understanding of people and yoga and she is very conscious of the individual needs of everyone in the class, she’s able to adapt poses accordingly and is definitely on top of everyone’s unique needs.  One of the greatest benefits for me has been the tools Liz has given me to be able to strengthen my core without pushing me beyond my personal limits.  You will definitely feel very looked after in one of Liz’s classes.  Jayne Larkins
Go to to book into a session today!!  The first of these regular Hatha Yoga sessions will be this Sunday, 17th June at 9.45am.
Cost is FREE to Full Members of Joe’s Garage Gym and $25 for Introductory Package Members or Non-Members.

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