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Attention Mum’s & Dad’s: Enjoy some time out while the kids have fun!

Are you sometimes worried that your kids aren’t sleeping well, don’t eat as well as they could or are overstimulated by the TV, computers and all the other ‘screens’ they’re drawn to for entertainment?
Do you remember the last time you had an hour to yourself on a Sunday morning? Imagine sitting down with the papers & a coffee, or heading out on a run together, without the kids!
Did you know that kids who attend yoga sessions have an increased long term emotional balance and show reductions in fear, feelings of helplessness, and aggression. Studies have observed that kids who attend yoga sessions transfer what they learn into improving their well-being and controlling negative feelings.  You can read more of these studies here. Further studies have also shown that kids attending yoga sessions gain improvement in spatial awareness and memory and an improved ability to control their mind and body.
Joe’s Garage Gym is excited to now offer a regular Kids Yoga class on Sunday mornings, for ages 5-8.  You can provide your kids with the many benefits of a fun, invigorating yet calming yoga session with Liz Kerr, while you get some much needed time out!
 “We have done family yoga with Liz and my son Sam has also done 1:1 sessions. The sessions are always fun yet relaxing, Liz taught the kids how to focus through bringing awareness to their senses.  We all really enjoyed it.  Liz has such knowledge, passion & intuition and creates a very tranquil and calming environment.” Juliette Warren
Go to and book your kids into a session with Liz today!  The first session will be held this Sunday, 17th June at 8.30am.

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