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Australian Seminar With Two Of Europe And Britains Greatest Strength/Performance And Nutrition Specialists Phil Learney And Ben Coomber

This is going to be bloody fantastic!!! Ben Coomber and Phil Learney are heading to Australia in February. They will be teaching a full weekend of learning in both Melbourne and Sydney. This is a great opportunity to get a full weekend of learning from both Ben’s and Phil’s work where they are going to present what they feel is our most prominent work on human performance, health, nutrition, supplementation and business. An overview of what to expect can be found below:
Day 1: Saturday 22nd of February 2014
9am-1pm – Phil Learney on: – Endocrinology (insulin, GH, ghrelin, T, etc and their regulation and optimisation) – Metabolism – working with it and fixing it – Macronutrient baselines
2pm-6pm – Ben Coomber on: – Assessing body types – Phenotypes – Somatotype fat loss protocols – Somatotype muscle gain & performance templates – Contraindications in fat loss and performance
Day 2: Sunday 23rd February 2014
9am-11am – Phil learney on: – Gut biology and immunity
11am-11.30am – Ben Coomber on: – The female hormone cycle and optimisation
11.30am-1pm – Phil Learney on: – Assessing the client in theory and in practice
2pm-3pm – Phil Learney on: – Fat loss supplementation protocols (including oestrogen management) 3pm 4pm – Ben Coomber on: – Muscle gain supplementation
4-5pm – Phil Learney on: – Building a thriving PT business
5-6pm – Ben Coomber on: – Marketing and sales, how to be a word of mouth sensation
Both days will end with a Q&A on anything that needs to be expanded upon!
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Presenter Biographies
Phil Learney
Phil Learney has been a prominent figure in Strength and Conditioning fields for close to 20 years. In this time he has established and continues to build a reputation based around his intelligent, observational and results based coaching. Alongside Phil’s practical teachings his open minded, pertinent writing and speaking has resulted in a great deal of respect from his peers and the community that follows him. As a noted writer Phil has written extensively for the leading health and fitness magazines and publications across both the UK and the world writing a monthly column for Muscle and Fitness magazine. He continues to educate, teaching mentorship and educational programs across the UK and also works as the Director of Education for Ultimate Performance. You will find him regularly lecturing at major industry events speaking to a sell out crowd at the 2013 Bodypower Expo. Amongst many of his other roles he is also the Strength and Conditioning expert for one of the UK’s leading sports supplement brands, PhD Nutrition. Phil resides and trains people from his base at Ultimate Performance in Mayfair, London. He has a diary that often reflects the high regard he is held in in the industry and a large amount of his clientele are fellow trainers and coaches. Always inspired by new and motivated people he will always do his utmost to fit people into his schedule.

Ben Coomber
Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist, coach, speaker, consultant and writer. Ben holds a degree in Human Performance and is one of the UK’s few ISSN certified nutritionists. Ben run’s, an online nutrition coaching company that also runs a 12-month Personal Trainers nutrition development program. Ben has the UK’s #1 rated podcast on iTunes ‘Ben Coomber Radio’ with regular Q&A’s and expert interviews. Ben’s journey in the fitness industry was a personal one from a battle with obesity at age 18 that spurred a keen interest in nutrition. Now a performance-based individual that trains and plays rugby Ben blends his nutritional knowledge from first hand experience, the science, and a potent background of coaching athletes and personal trainers. Check Ben out at and at to see Ben’s new sports nutrition technology.       To register and pay please click one of the following tabs below! Below are the paypal links to book both one day or the whole weekend.
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Dates & Locations: Melbourne will run on 15/16th of Febuary Sydney will run on 22/23rd Febuary. Any questions feel free to email me through the contact page or reach me up on Facebook.

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