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Check out Chris Murphy on his 6 month Basecamp Anniversary

Chris Murphy tells us a little bit about his strength and conditioning training, his adventures and also shares a few secrets with us, including his shoe fettish!  Read on to find out more about what makes Chris tick.
Who are you? Chris Murphy
How old are you? 32

What are you passionate about? Being a good person.  Getting the most out of life.  Having a positive impact on the world.
Why Joe’s Basecamp? It’s an inspirational environment to be a part of, whether seeking motivation to push through a training session, or inspiration for a next adventure, you’ll find it there!
How long have you been training with Joe and /or Joe’s Basecamp?  Since August, 2016.
What are you training for?    To push myself in long distance trail runs, trekking, and mountain climbing.  Also, just being the best version of myself.
If you could live anywhere where would it be?   I’ve seen quite a few amazing places, but Sydney is still the best all round spot
What are you reading?  ‘Intentional Living’ by John Maxwell
What do you watch? The ocean, before I go surfing
What are you listening to? Heaps of music, I enjoy listening to a few podcasts also, Tim Ferris one’s are always good mental stimulation.
What’s your vice?  Beer and chocolate, although my discipline is improving!  
If you could have dinner with anybody who would it be?The Dalai Lama.
Tell us a secret?  I’ve bought more pairs of shoes in the last 12 months than I have in the last 12 years. (5 pairs)
What have been the benefits of training at Joe’s Basecamp?  Being motivated and inspired are the two main benefits for me, being in the best shape of my life is just a bi-product of all the training to be the best version of myself.
What is the key to happiness?  Gratitude and self-awareness. I have a longer answer written down, but that’s my best summary.



What is your next goal?   Trekking in Nepal with the crew in April, then I want to try some mountain climbing later in the year. Also there’s a couple of marathons I want to race, and I really want to run the Kepler Challenge 60Km trail/ mountain run in NZ, my old man did it last year and smashed it. It looks really gnarly, but fun!!

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