Choosing a Fitness Service Provider?

 Who is going to be the best person to look after your team? 

 Service provider checklist 

  •  Are they insured ($5m Private Indemnity, $10m Public Liability is the industry standard) 
  • Are they qualified to Cert IV level or above 
  • Are they registered with Fitness NSW (State governing body for Fitness Professionals) 
  • Are their instructors experienced at looking after groups 
  • Do they understand the corporate environment 
  • Do they have testimonials from other companies 
  • Are they professional in appearance and manner 
  • Do they balance fitness with fun 
  • Are they First Aid qualified 
  • Can they adapt (train you in your board or meeting room or take you outdoors) 
  • Do they offer variety and exciting training programs 
  • Can they tailor a program to your specific needs 
  • Will billing and organisation be made easy for your HR and accounts departments 

When canvassing service providers make sure that they can tick ALL the above boxes. If 
they can you have found a great Fitness Service Provider who is customer focused and is 
looking to make your experience easy to manage as well as fun and effective.
Joe Bonington(c)2007 Peak Performance  

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