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Christmas Shopping Tips for the Fitness Freak or Freakess

Do you need to know what to buy that someone in your life who is more bothered by Lulu Lemon than Gucci, Adidas rather than Armani, A Garmin GPS watch rather than a Tag.
Well here is my Christmas list for you guys:
Going away on holiday, up the coast camping and need to stay on top of your fitness over Christmas… two essentials a Kettlebell and a pair of Power rings. Chuck these in the back of the car and you can do short intense all over body workouts everyday. Kettlebell doubles as a meat tenderiser and the Rings will occupy the kids all day.

Knee Socks

And what are the chicks that know wearing: Booty Shorts and knee socks… and with your socks get your stripes on! For Apparel ideas check out AMRAP: STYLE

Lads, You need good flexible shorts that breath and that you can get a good range of motion and that you can run in…. get rid of the bloody boardies! Try these Neon Fight Shorts from Rogue Fitness, they are about the best Australia has to offer in regards to shorts you can wear for all types of strength and conditioning.

Now onto footwear:
For general training, there are three ways to go the Reebok Nano 2 (available in Rebel) available in womens and mens. Another great shoe is the Innov8 available at Barefoot inc on Kent Street. Finally the classic five fingers also available from Barefoot Inc.
If your really noticing the benefits of proper lifting it’s time to get into some proper footwear. How about a beautiful pair of Nike Romaleos. These shoes only come in male sizing a womens 10 is equivalent to an 8.5 .These weightlifting shoes will make such a massive difference not just to your Cleans and Snatches, but also get you squatting deeper and straighter.

Calf sleeves: Save your calves and speed up your recovery, funky colors for chicks… lads yours are plain black… or white!
Hand Guards: Have your hands been getting caned on the chin up bar: Gymnastic hand guards will keep those rips at bay
…. and on another note Burberry have brought out a “Bonington” Tote bag, Now as Bonington (with one “N” as opposed to Bonnington) is a made up name, anglocised by my grandfather from the german name Bonig (full story here), the name can have only come from one place. Anyway, Burberry this seasons must have is the Bonington tote and at only  $1650 it’s a steal! 😉 … How cool is that!
Anyway those were my thoughts for Xmas, if you’ve got any great ideas for the xmas stocking, let me know
Cheers Joe and the team

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