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Client Focus: Tim Herbert

Who are you?
Tim Herbert
I was born in the south of England to a Geordie mother and a Cockney father, so I’m a bit mixed up. After I left university in the UK I travelled for a while before settling in Manly, I did however end up back in the UK for a period of time before returning here in 2000.

Tim Herbert doing a healthy 140Kg Squat with great form… not bad for an old fella!

What do you do for a crust?
At university I graduated in Sports Science but have somehow found myself working in sales as a Client Director for Fuji Xerox Global Services. Work that one out!
What is your sport?
Rugby, Rugby and Rugby
At what level do you do your sport, what accolades have you received?
I’m not participating in any sports currently, although in the past I played premiership rugby in the UK and Manly 1st Grade here in Australia. The highest accolade I received was playing for the North of England against both Western Samoa and the NZ Barbarians.
How long have you been training with Joe?
3 months
What is your favourite workout?
The next one, I really enjoy the variety.
If you could live anywhere where would it be?
I’ve travelled a fair bit and I’m pretty sure I’m living there right now. If anyone can find me a better place than Sydney and the Northern beaches to raise a family I’d be surprised.
What are you reading?
Bill Bryson, A short history of nearly everything (for the 3rd time)
What do you watch?
My 3 boys fighting each other…all the time.
What are you listening to?
My 3 boys fighting each other…all the time.
What’s your vice?
Not surprisingly, beer. It’s the reason I train so I can drink more and not feel too guilty.
If you could have dinner with anybody who would it be?
There are many people I would enjoy having dinner with but top of the list would have to be Oliver Reed; let chaos reign!
Tell us a secret?
Lance Armstrong was a drug cheat…
What have been the benefits of training at Joe’s Garage?
Great people, great focus, interesting variety of sessions and feeling fitter and healthier.
What is the key to happiness?
There’s a mix of things that contribute to happiness. I’d rate the following as pretty important; Don’t take yourself too seriously, community and get out of your comfort zone.

Tim at the end of a nice 60Kg Clean and Push Jerk

What is your next goal?
I haven’t got any immediate tangible goals with regards to health and fitness, although losing a few kg’s is never a bad thing. And I’m flirting with the idea of pulling the boots back on and having another season of rugby…you’re a long time retired.
Tim is also coach for Harbord Harlequins Rugby Club

Note from Joe:
Tim’s a great bloke to have around the gym. He’s got a solid work ethic and does as is required. He manages his injuries sensibly…. and being a Rugby “has been” as his Tee shirt says, he has quite a few. He’s a powerful bloke but focus’s well on form and won’t let ego drive him to try and muscle up a bad lift… the result, great gains and improvements and less wear and tear on the already worn and torn!

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