Don’t allow time for this crucial goal planning ingredient….

Hey guys, how we doing? It’s Joe Bonington here from Joe Basecamp, the bucket list coach. Today I’m going to talk to you about your skills and abilities. And this is skills and ability, particularly in relationship to your goals, and to outcome based goals, such as an adventure, an event, etc.

Okay, not necessarily performance goals, which might be the things that you do in the gym and the things that you’re doing to support those outcome based goals. Skills and ability are things two completely trainable areas of which the success of your goal can completely depend on how you’re able to achieve those goals that you’re choosing for yourself, any kind of adventure based goal is deeply tied into your ability to achieve it.

So what do I define as abilities? It’s basically do you have the skills? Do you have the energy, the knowledge, the resources, and the time as well very important to achieve that given goal or task or activity? Here are the three basic questions that we ask our clients tightly totally aside from whether they have the physical capabilities to achieve their objectives. And that is; one, how much experience do you have in what it is that you’re wanting to achieve? Two, what are the skills required and how much skill is required? You know, very, very different between the levels of skill needed in a trail running event on mountaineering, you know, mountaineering, you need to know snow skills, avalanche skills, you need to know your rope work, etc. Whereas with the trail running, and, you know, you might. Yes, you need some skills, etc, about single track and technical skills around downhill running and stuff, but not as many as much deep level skills as you need for the mountaineering event.

So then the last one is, how much time do you need for skills acquisition? And where and how do you acquire them? Okay, so repeat those questions quickly. So how much experience do you have in what it is that you want to achieve? What are the skills required? And how much skill is required? And how much time do you need for skills acquisition? Where and how can you acquire them? And then I want you to ask yourself this – what exactly are all the resources that you require for you to achieve your goal? Have you listed them? And I mean, you’ve got to get specific, you need to write down all the resources that you need, list everything. And then you need to work out what you don’t know. So what are the areas that you don’t know? And there might be some areas that you don’t even know you don’t know? Okay, so you need to try and find those out as well. You need to talk to people about you know.

Talk to people who’ve been there before. Find peers who’ve done what you’re trying to do or done something similar. Okay. Skills and ability, very trainable, very coachable. We just got allow ourselves, the time, the space to do it.

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