Feb Fast – detox the excesses of Christmas and New Year

During February all my clients go on a clear out to purge the excesses of Christmas and the new year.
For one short month, we eat as naturally as possible in the way that our bodies were intended to eat. This means only eating natural whole foods with no proccessing, no chemicals and no additives.
To help the process along I have developed a proccess called the Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan. This plan thoroughly explains why we should spend some time every year eating as naturally as possible. The plan allows our body to take a break from all the toxins of modern day living, which in turn helps us feel better, perform at a higher level, tone up and lose weight and enjoy a better quality of life.
Normally this would only be available to my one on one clients but we have had such a great response that I’d like to see as many people as possible getting great benefits and feeling much better about themselves.
“Both my wife and I are looking forward to taking part in Febfast. The information was fantastic, comprehensive, and had the all important Bonington humour which made reading the material enjoyable. I’m also looking forward to swapping ideas, getting support and hearing others views on the Febfast blog Bring on Febfast!”
—Ian Rowe
If you want to know more about “Feb Fast” explore the following link: Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan or just send us an email. Check out what others have written on our Feb fast blog

What our clients say:

“Feb Fast is a great way to kick start the year after the excesses of Xmas and the new year – which always seem to carry on into January. It makes you focus on what you are putting into your mouth and approach your diet holistically. Joe’s explanation of why certain foods are out of bounds makes sobering reading.  The fact that you are one of many engaging in Feb Fast creates a sense of camaraderie, particularly if you are doing it with family and friends. And there are plenty of recipes both from Joe and in mainstream cookbooks so that you can still eat well on Feb Fast.”
—Kerri Thomas
“Feb Fast what a great idea – good month of eating to a plan and not drinking alcohol. You will be surprised at what you can do without-caffeine, milk etc. You will wake up feeling refreshed every morning and will lose weight!”
—Catherine Murphy
“Feb-Fast – what a brilliant idea and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for a healthy living program! Thank God I’ve got through the Christmas parties, the family feasts (not to mention the left-overs!) all New Year’s celebrations and finally the catch-ups with ‘old-acquaintance’. Now it’s time to be good to my body again by putting in the good fuel and reaping the rewards.”
—Adam Halen
Whilst participating in Feb Fast you can also do good by raising money. There is an alcohol based fast also called Feb Fast that I am encouraging particpinats to subscribe to (this is NOT a requirement)You can find out more here https://www.everydayhero.com.au/joe_bonington_feb_fast

If you are participating you can join the team by going to the join the team page entering the password “natural” or you can make a donation to a very worthy cause helping reduce alcohol and other drug related harms in young people.

  • Erin Triglone
    Posted at 05:17h, 29 January Reply

    Im in!

  • Sarhn
    Posted at 15:33h, 02 March Reply

    Feeling really proud of myself that I finished Joe. The best part of the whole experience for me was the knowledge learnt about healthy, natural eating.
    I thought I knew alot already about healthy eating but I still learnt a lot more.
    Now that the Feb fast is over, my husband & I have decided to continue with many of our new eating habbits.
    Thanks Joe

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