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Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 12 to 15

Day 12 – 23km and 2300m, a great day. The same cold northwesterly wind but clear skies and good snow. We should reach the highest point of the ice sheet In 2 days then we’ll start to lose altitude again as we head for West Coast. All well, great team spirit. Off to fix my bindings before tea and bed. G
Day 13 – -38 this morning had to chip the ice off the zip to get out of my sleeping bag. Hard day in the cold, poor snow so tough hauling. Everyday has been a huge physical effort dragging the pulkas. We’ll get to highest point in ice sheet tomorrow, big milestone so everyone excited. Love to all G
Day 14 – made highest point on ice sheet team all very happy still v cold -40 overnight. G
Day 15 – a big day, 30km, taken skins off skis so we get more glide. Although over highest point we lose altitude so gradually feels flat, just glad not Uphill. Aim is to ski 30km a day if conditions good. -10 today clear skies. All going v well. Love to all at home. G

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