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Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 16 to 20

Day 16 – met a Norwegian team going from Kangerlussuaq to Isortoq on East Coast, gave us some info on conditions on west coast, warm and wet, not great news. We might have to swim the last part. Great day 33km all the lads putting in a huge effort to make the distance. Beautiful icy fog on ice sheet tonight.
Day 17 – All weathers sun blizzard strong winds. Tough going but all well
Day 18 – Proper polar storm today high winds driving snow 30 slow kms at DYE2 radar station abandoned by us after cold war team all well and warm
Day 19 – Storm blowing strong all safe and well G
Day 20 – a big day, 30km, taken skins off skis so we get more glide. Although over highest point we lose altitude so gradually feels flat, just glad not Uphill. Aim is to ski 30km a day if conditions good. -10 today clear skies. All going v well. Love to all at home. G

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