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Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 22 to 25

Day 22 – WEST COAST MOUNTAINS! Just peeping over horizon, a very welcome sight and a real boost for the team. Woke to freezing temperatures a real bonus Ice sheet completely frozen, we were like ducklings on a frozen pond, skis arms legs poles going everywhere very amusing. Slushy snow but holding together Saw the ice sheet clear of snow for first time today, big slabs of grey ice. Cracks too, getting to coastal crevasse zones now, harnesses and roped up now on. Team all very well and in good spirits, they send their love to all at home. G
Day 23 – made our way around lakes of aqua blue melt water, this afternoon we were navigating our way through huge crevasse fields. So we’ve made it to 29km from the edge of the ice cap. Tomorrows going to be a big day, we’ll finally find out if we’re going to get across. More rivers, lakes and crevasses to come, team all well. G
Day 25 – After 24 hours of skiing, wading, scrambling, climbing, crawling we made it across the ice cap. All the team so stoked. Hiking now 45km to Kangerlussuaq to finish the crossing of Greenland. Just finished, I’ll write more when I can. G

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