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Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 7 to 11

Day 7 – Bitterly cold northwesterly wind this morning blowing strong, faded away around midday to very warm temperatures, forecast for drop in temp tomorrow -10. Team are all doing very well, a few aches, pains and blisters but otherwise well. 19km today and 1700m altitude gained so far. Love to all at home. G
Day 8 – NEW CLOTHES DAY! New socks, pants and thermals, it’s like I’m a new man. Spirits are high now everyone’s a little fresher! 20km today and 1850m. Scattered cloud cover makes ice sheet look like a chess board, an amazing sight. With not much to look at and long days the mental challenge starts now, Lots of hours in your own head. Everyone’s very well and going strong! G
Day 9 – A tough day, 23km made and 1975m altitude. Complete white out, blizzard with strong wind from southeast. Blown snow and wind visibility 20m, still managed a good distance. Temperature’s dropped too -20 overnight and -15 during day. Not too bad but enough to freeze everything. All the stuff you don’t want to freeze has to go in your sleeping bag overnight, batteries, cameras, clothes, toothpaste etc. Very full and uncomfortable! G
Day 10 – very strong and bitterly cold head wind all day. Woke to half buried tent after snow storm in night, thought tent might get blown away at one point. Slow day due to deep snow, still made 20km and passed 2000m. Team all doing well. G
Day 11 – very cold northwesterly wind -25, all have wind burn on right side of our faces. Today first day sun won’t go below horizon. Team all well. G

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