Goal setting: use a carrot and a bloody great stick! The Story of Andie Tickner

I had gym issues.
Struggling to manage the 24/7 access me anywhere, anytime work demands with no time for exercise The way I saw it I had two options; 1. end my membership at Joe’s, which I wasn’t using and continue to fit in a run here & and there and try and make myself do home workouts in between answering emails, calls and driving into the city or 2. call Joe & ask for help.
I chose option 2 & am sooo thankful I did.
An hour or so of a one to one later (and a download of my life story), I had committed to eating breakfast (something I never do), drinking long blacks with a splash of milk (instead of my regular skinny cap) and doing a minimum of 2 classes a week at Joe’s. Not only that, but I had to make some serious work changes – instead of getting up at 5.45 to check & respond to emails, I decided my physical & mental health would benefit much more from getting up early to do a 5.45 am class. And I was right. Oh and by the way, Joe threw in an extra motivating factor – 2 classes a week & I get to reward myself with a new handbag or not 2 classes a week & I get to wear the daggiest clothes & walk round Manly with a sandwich board telling everyone I had failed. I’d changed the handbag for a new pair of shoes & already bought them in week one. Failure was not an option!
Fast forward to 4 weeks later & I’d managed an average 3 classes a week, some weeks 4! I have stopped becoming accessible at any time & instead turn off the email at night & restrict my weekend work activity to a minimum where possible. I now enjoy & actually look forward to my breakfast of eggs, which come from our own chickens which run, fly & walk freely around our garden! And importantly, I enjoy my time at the gym & I can see a difference in my physical & mental being. I generally feel a whole lot better, fitter, happier, stronger & more capable of dealing with the pressures & stresses of my wonderful job!
The moral of the story? Don’t sit in silence & suffer when one conversation can refocus & remotivate you.
Who am I:Andie Tickner
Andie Tickner, 39 years old
Director – Brand Partnerships, Universal Music
How I found Joe’s…. I was looking for a cross fit / paleo gym in the northern beaches & after much online searching, I found info on Sweat & Tears, which led me to Joe’s. I joined in August 2012 & in my first week had the pleasure of doing 39 birthday burpees!

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