Happiness and Success

It struck me as two of my adventurers head home. Jaco Ottink, who has just summited Everest and Gareth Andrews who has just crossed the Greenland Ice shelf unsupported. It brings me back to observations about what makes them who they are and achieve what it is they want to achieve.

In training so many people over the years, either for fitness for the sake of fitness, weight loss or adventure, I’ve made a couple of observations.
Virtually everybody, no matter what they tell me they are after, truly are seeking happiness.
They believe that if they lose weight they will be happy, if they climb Everest they will be happy, if they get fit they will be happy.
The most successful (and the happiest) clients I have found are actually the ones who already have what it is they seek inside.
The clients, who no matter how driven and determined, are generally happy and also grateful for what they have already been given, and are the ones most likely to get what they want.
Change starts inside and it starts with positive emotion NOT a negative one.
Starting with what you DON’T want is a recipe for hard work and lots of mental pressure.
So an exercise for you:
What have you already got?
What are you grateful for?
How much do you love yourself? (score out of 10, 10 being high, if it’s below an 8 you need to explore why?)
Whom else do you love (must be a positive and fulfilling relationship), what does that relationship give you?
What do you love?
How can you have/increase more of all of the above?
What would you love to do, that you haven’t done yet?
If you do this exercise and do it from the heart and then look at what it is you want and approach it from this space, you will get what it is that you want a lot quicker… and easier!

If you would like to work on a goal a 1 hour Goals and performance strategy consult one on one or skype consult is only AU$185!

We live in an age of overload.
Let’s look at your goals, what you really want to do?
How to plan and structure big goals?
How and where to add in your smaller goals?
How to prioritise like a national level athlete? (so that your goals make sense and lead in a direction)

So you get the best results, happiness, and you minimise burn out and injury.

The process leaves no stone unturned, so you leave with a clear blue print to drive you forward to success, wether it be in sports, adventure or general fitness.

Also as a special: if you quote I want Happiness and Success I will add a bonus DVD No 61

No 61 is the story of Stephen Bock, Australian Motivational and business Speaker an Real Estate Agent and his journey to the top of Everest. Including footage and details of his Physical training with me  

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