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Healthy Paleo Recipe for Poached Ginger Chicken with Cauliflower rice

10 Spring Onions, trimmed
4 cm Piece Of Ginger, sliced
4 x 200 gram Organic Chicken Breast Fillets
1/3 cup Coconut amino’s
2 tablespoons Fish sauce
2 tsp Sesame Oil
1.     Trim dark green parts from spring onions and trim off root ends. Place 6 whole spring onions in a large, deep frying pan with ginger and chicken. Add enough water to cover chicken. Cut remaining spring onions into long fine strips, then place in a bowl of iced water.
2.     Cover pan with a lid (or use a baking tray if you don’t have a lid). Bring slowly to a simmer over medium-low heat, then poach chicken for 10 mins. Remove chicken from pan, cover loosely with foil and let rest for 5 mins. Combine ¹⁄3 cup poaching liquid with Fish sauce, coconut amino’s and sesame oil.
3.     Drain spring onions in iced water. Slice chicken and serve with sauce mixture and spring onions. Serve the Caluflower rice on the side.
Cauliflower rice
a small head of organic cauliflower, chopped coarsely
1 small onion, chopped finely
100g Pancetta
2 tablespoons of butter
1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil
Himalayan salt
Coconut aminos
salt and pepper
Chop cauliflower into florets…quick blast in a food processor in food processor contents until they were reduced to the size of couscous or rice grains. You can do this by hand with a grater
saute the onions and Pancetta together in the melted butter and coconut oil over medium heat until onions were translucent.
when onions are soft, add in the cauliflower and stirred everything around to evenly distribute the fat and onions.
Add some Himalayan salt.
Keep stirring the skillet and cooked the cauliflower for 5 then cover and cook for further 5 minutes. Uncover and add coconut amines and turn up heat and cook a couple more minutes
You can totally change up the seasoning and customize it to your tastes.  A head of cauliflower makes a lot of rice (~ 4 servings)

Family friendly recipe Cauliflower rice

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