How Is Your Movement?

How well do you move for the goals you want to achieve for the training needed to get there?

Hi, Joe Bonington here the bucket list Coach.

21st century living is not conducive to natural movement in the Western world, from the day that we’re born, we’re living in a very unnatural way, you know, even that, like the bulky nappies and swaddling that we put on our kids, as Toddlers and Babies, affected the way that they walk over time, you know, here in the Western world is very different compared to say, the un-nappied toddlers, their counterparts in third world countries.

Another thing to think about, what is the single most consistent activity that we teach kids from the age of five to 18? Is it rugby? gymnastics? Is it school subjects, English maths, history? No, it’s not. It isn’t. Do you realize that from school a onwards the single thing that we practice most, is sitting behind a bloody desk, sitting behind a table for hours every day from the age of five. Think about it. If the consensus is that sitting is the new smoking, there’s a damn sight more sitting going on from an earlier age and that ever was with smoking.

So what does this mean for your journey? For us to approach our goals with a view of going into them in optimal condition, we need to take step back, we need to see exactly where our weaknesses are now before they are compounded in the training process. Because if we don’t address our weaknesses and our structural imbalances early on in the process, there’s a real possibility of derailing your dreams and your goals. With that in mind, you need to thoroughly assess where you are now. And then our recommendation is to achieve structural balance, or as close as you can before we start ramping up the training or you start ramping up your training, and then continually reassess your process as you continue in your journey. If I gave you $1 for every person who’s come to us with big dreams, and aspirations, but with niggles, and aches and pains that are costing them a bloody fortune in physio in Chiro bills, because they either haven’t taken advice, or they’ve been given bad advice, I’d make you a very rich person. If you want your goals, I mean really want your goals, you need to take them seriously, you need to become a student of movement. You want to understand how you can move easier, better perform more efficiently.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, it means that you can have more fun doing the things that you really want to do the big picture things better, as opposed to just having the instant gratification of a smash and bash workout and getting sweaty for the sake of it. While it’s not really addressing the fitness, the strength, the movement that’s really needed for your particular goal. And that is not just if you’re focused on competition or adventure. It applies to everyone with lifestyle goals and looking for longevity in their activities as well.

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