How to have a great day, everyday

Wouldn!t it be great to always have a fantastic day.

Imagine never having a bad day. Impossible! Or is it?

A lot of feedback that I get from people is that I always seem so positive about everything, in fact it drives some people nuts but that’s fun too.

Yes I do have a very positive outlook. I choose to be positive. It also helps that I have chosen to have a good day every day. I have busy days, I have long days, I have days when I come home shattered but I always have good days.

It hadn!t always been so.

A while back I was lucky enough to attend a seminar by Dr Fred Grosse and it was there I learnt the 10 out of 10 concept and changed how I plan my days.

Those of you who do are personal training clients of mine already aware of the concept, keep reading as this is about how to maximize its effects.

What are your 10 of 10 experiences?

Let!s start by making a list of all the things that put a smile on your dial.  These must be things that you could fit into any day. So, some of mine would be: reading a chapter of a good book, patting a dog, morning sun on my face, a dip in the ocean, making my wife smile, making my kids laugh, doing a good deed, the feeling I get after a run. Write them all down; make a list or even a spreadsheet. Keep adding to the list whenever you think of something else that makes you smile. As you get used to the concept you become more and more aware of how many things make you feel good, make you chuckle or just make you feel luck to be alive.

Life!s great, plan to make it great!

Now that you have your list it!s time to implement it. I cannot plan to pat a dog as I have no dog, so if I get to do that it is a bonus. What I can plan to do though is have a run, make brew of loose leaf tea read a chapter of my book, get back home in time to make my daughter laugh.

So I have the foundations of a great day.

Then, if it all starts to go a bit pear-shaped and hairy at the corners (as it often does) I pull out my list of 10/10!s and I can turn my day around. Voila! Happy smiley Joe.

This genuinely works for me and I have been doing 10 out of 10s for a number of years now. Give it a go. What have you got to lose… a few frown lines?

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