How To Train Against Fatigue

Hey guys, how we doing? It’s Joe, the bucket list coach here, I want to talk about fatigue and how we can overcome fatigue. Because fatigue can cost us an event, and on an expedition, you know, through poor decision making, which often happens when we are fatigued , it can cost you a lot more than that and cost you your life or a serious injury.

Now, we can guard against fatigue, you should look up Tim Noakes, and the central governor theory, he talks a lot about the being a central governor, which is the thing that actually controls our fatigue, not our fitness. Now, the way that we train against fatigue is not by fatigue based training, what do I mean by fatigue based training that is, you see a lot in some people training for the sport of fitness, you know, where they’re just doing lots of reps really, really fast, until they get tired out and then going on to something else, and then then going through like that.

What we want to be doing is what we call sustain training. So basically sustain is where we’re looking at our training, and we’re actually approaching all parts of its sub maximally. So we actually work out what it is that we’re trying to do, what is the response that we’re trying to get, and we sit just under that. So a lot of the time that might be working at about an 85% effort, so we can be consistent throughout. And then during time and over time, we can actually keep on pushing that out further, so we can keep on our fatigue, get later and later and later and later.

So that is sustained based training, versus fatigue based training, where you just kind of keep going, keep going as hard as you can until you can’t do any more. So sustained based training, work at 85%, try and keep consistent within the blocks that you’re doing, then have a rest, work consistent, then have a rest work consistent, then have a rest, and that will help proof you against fatigue. The other thing that will help protect you against fatigue is putting yourself into environments, so when we go out, and again, it’s done in a sustainable way.

So we put ourselves into extreme environments and extreme workouts and actually see what the body can do. But we do it in a submaximal way. So it’s not like just staying up and running for 24 hours or jumping into our first 100 kilometer race and seeing how we go like during during training for 100k race going out and just doing a huge run all night, not prepared for it. It’s breaking it up and then working out bits that you can do, breaking it into segments and doing it in a submaximal way. That is sustained based training. And that is what will help nudge central governor higher and higher and higher, which is going to help protect us overtime against fatigue.

So if you want to know more about how to plan and how to program against fatigue, give us a shout. Drop us a message below and we’ll get back to you and we can have a chat.

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