Ideas for a fit and healthy Christmas

It’s that time again…. silly season. The booze is flowing, the dips and nibbles are aplenty. Kids school holidays are disrupting both work and exercise, you’re just about to go on holiday. How do you stop yourself falling off the wagon?
Here are some ideas:
1. Plan you battles! don’t say “Yes” to every Christmas drink up. Look at the ones you really need to go to or want to go to and stick to them.
2. If you’re buying in party food etc for entertaining, either go the healthy options or if you have to buy lots of chips and stuff, don’t keep them in the house. Store them in the garage till you need them…. out of sight out of mind.
3. Same goes for the beers and white wine. Don’t keep beers in the fridge. Just put them in the fridge the morning of the days you need them.
4. Diarize your exercise! Sit down with your partner and work out the whens and hows of being able to go for a run, cycle or get to the gym.
5. If your going on holiday, plan before you go. Have a look at maps if your going to  a new place, where can you run, swim, cycle etc? Again lock them in your diary. Yes it’s the holidays and things change but if you have them there with an alarm the least it will do is give you a nudge.
6. Have kit, can train anywhere. Suspension systems such as the TRX or the cheaper and more versatile BSS system (which has a massively cheap deal on till Xmas – ps I don’t get a kickback for the endorsement), are an easy to use one stop shop for an intense all over body workout… and they fold up to nothing.
7. Get your family involved… don’t be couch potatoes. Get them all involved and amongst it.

Manly Dam run, complete with silly hat.

8. Get with the silly season…. get your mates out for a run and all wear Santa hats.
9. Drink Joe’s green smoothie every day for breakfast: Water from young coconut 1 organic apple including core. 1 Kiwi fruit. 1 lebanese cucumber. 1 handful of spinach leaves. 2 tbs of pea protein. 1 tsp of green powder. 1 handful of raw nuts. Blend till smooth….. and drink….. if you don’t like the taste, tuff! hold your nose and drink anyway it’s good for you.
Have a great Xmas!

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  • sue
    Posted at 21:30h, 19 December Reply

    Hi Joe and Jude
    Just been looking at your great photos and chat on how to keep the inches off. I have just returned from a gym session. I am trying spinning classes (and pilates) in an effort to be able to speed around the ski slopes at the end of January.
    Its cold and frosty here, and perhaps a hint of snow in the air. But I will miss having a lovely guide to shake my roof.!!
    Hope you all have a great Christmas on the beach somewhere.
    Very best wishes

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