Joe trains Australian Everest 2010 summit team

The Australian Everest Expedition 2010 will be attempting to summit of Everest via the South Col in May of next year. They are doing this in aid of the Australian Bowel Cancer Institute.
Joe has been appointed the official Strength and conditioning coach for the team which consists of adventurers Stephen Bock, Darren Robertson and Peter Wells.
The challenges of climbing any of the 8000m peaks requires some serious training and mental preparation. Joe treats the basics of training and preparation for mountaineering the same as you would any sport. This foundation is then tweaked with his knowledge of how the body performs and reacts to the strains and pressures that are unique to exertion at altitude.
“The key with successful Strength and Conditioning regimes for sports, any sports, is relativity to the sport itself. For endurance events (which mountaineering essentially is) 80% of the time spent in training should be sports specific ie pack training, 20% should be given over to overall strength and conditioning programming.
Mountaineering requires a unique combination of skills and strengths which, from a Strength and Conditioning perspective, provide for very interesting and unique programming…. this equates to lots of fun and problem solving for me. As for the boys it means……. well plenty of blood, sweat and tears ”
All training must be measurable, to do this Joe employed a measurable high intensity workout called Fight Gone Bad to use as a benchmark measure of Strength Endurance and CV output. All training sessions whether Cardio, Endurance, Strength Endurance or Strength are recorded, measured and noted.
Check out this video to see how the lads did on their first fitness test.

Over the coming months Joe will keep you up to date with the teams progress as they prepare for the highest peak on earth.
Our Everest Base Camp Trips in April and May of 2010 will also be visiting the guys at Base Camp as they prepare for their summit attempt.

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