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Barefoot Running Clinic for Runners, want to be runners, personal trainers and athletes

Learn how to run free!

Do you want to find out how to really enjoy running? Do you want to run faster, more efficiently and reduce the risk of injuries? Do you feel heavy on your feet rather than light and agile? Do your knees, lower back and hips feel sore when you run? Do you have an interest in barefoot running and want to learn how to safely transition to this style?

This interactive running seminar will help you understand the benefits of a barefoot style and equip you with the knowledge and skills to improve your technique, strength and running fitness.

This interactive/practical workshop will suit:
Runners and athletes wanting to explore barefoot running concepts
Anybody who enjoys running and has seen all the articles about barefoot running in the press.
Anybody who wants to run but finds they “Can’t get it right”
Personal trainers for their own benefit and also to be able to help clients
People who want to improve performance.
People who’d rather run like a gazelle than a hippo.

What will the course provide you with?
• Before and after video analysis of your running technique
• An opportunity to learn the history, evolution and key concepts behind barefoot and natural running and how to transition safely
• Practical form, strength and technique drills to correct weaknesses, imbalances and improve posture and fitness
• A four week transition and training program
• Advice on the best and most appropriate minimal running shoes for your specific needs
• A copy of the book that started it all, ‘Born to Run’ by Chris McDougall
• A DVD highlighting your progress from the beginning of the course to the end
• A summary of the course content
About the Course Leader
David Chamberlain is a running coach, personal trainer and barefoot specialist. He is a degree qualified sports scientist from the world leading Loughborough University and has had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the best athletes and coaches in the business.
He is an experienced presenter whose own running journey has taken him from all round athlete to sprinter and finally middle distance runner. He now coaches clients across Sydney ranging from absolute beginners to seasoned runners.
The cost of this 5 hour action packed workshop is $197
BOOK for a limited place NOW or contact us at the gym 8021 3690  or our contact page

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