Making 2011 work for you: Goal setting for the whole family

Happy New Year to you all! I just thought I’d like to share with you what Jude, I and the kids are going to do this year.
Have you ever got to the end of a year and thought… What happened? Where did the year go? What have I done? Or not done? 
We have a way of avoiding that, of being able to fill the year with things we really want to happen instead of having the year just happen to us with little control of the content.
I’ve always been into goal setting.
 For the last few years Jude and I have sat down after new year and set ourselves some goals to achieve in different areas of our lives, both individually and as a couple.
 The kids are now 6 and 4 so we are now going to see if we can make this a family affair (maybe see if we can steer Edie towards learning how to ride her bike without training wheels that’s been sitting neglected under the carport for the last 6 months)
This whole process is one of personal preference so I thought I’d just let you know how we intend to do it. I’d love to hear back from you guys as to whether, you have any suggestions or tried and tested techniques.
Firstly we will set aside a day after the effects of New Year festivities have worn off. We’ve chosen the 3rd of January. We’ve blocked off most of the day to chill out, eat nice food and really focus on ourselves and plan what we would really like to happen over the coming year.
Jude and I will listen to some relevant audio from people like Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Robert Kiyosaki. A good mate of mine James Holden, a Life and business coach at Leadership Revolution, has also given me a CD on the goal setting process. Another great resource is another mate of mine Michael Griffiths who has a program called Secrets of a Super Life, which is chock full of free resources. You can also find plenty of resources on the web, a great one is Celestine Chua’s blog as well as my article, 7 secrets to success.
We then list different areas we want to set goals:

  • Business/Career/Studies
  • Finance and Wealth
  • Health and Fitness
  • Social/Friends
  • Family and Kids
  • Romance and Love
  • Recreation and Fun
  • Contribution and Charity
  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual

Depending on the ages of your kids if you have them as to how many areas they may want to get involved in.
We will then discuss over a glass of wine (for me and Jude that is), what we would all like to achieve that year. Have your Calendar handy. Identify times to take breaks and holidays and other scheduled goals, such as family weekends, date nights etc and get them locked in.
Don’t forget to discuss and write down, why you want to achieve these goals, what the benefits are for you as individuals and as a family.
You might want to create a family vision board. This is great fun to do with the kids, get images from magazines and print off the internet pictures of what you want and how you want life to look. The kids can cut them out and then arrange them on a pin board, with affirmations. Put it some where visible, say in the kitchen as a constant reminder of where your heading.
Good luck guys and here is to a great, prosperous and happy 2011. Let me know how you go and we’ll keep you informed as to how our goal setting has gone… I wonder if I can convince the kids that keeping their bedroom tidy would be a great goal!
All the best Joe, Jude, Edie and Honor

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