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Can’t decide what to cook tonight? Want some ideas?
Every day, the guys from Foodie publish a new, delicious, paleo/primal friendly recipe. I’m a huge fan, so we’ve just added their ‘Meal of the Day’ widget to the sidebar of our blog to help you get inspired. This is real food.
There’s a new recipe posted every day, so don’t forget to check back at this blog. For those of you on our FebFast challenge this is a perfect resource

What’s a Paleo diet?

A paleo diet focuses around lean meat (ideally game meat), vegetables and fruit and  nuts and seeds. Specifically excluded from the diet are dairy, grains, sugar, processed salt and (of course) highly processed modern food products such as any food that has an ingredients label filled with numbers and words you’d need a chemistry degree to decipher such as pot noodles.
For more information on natural eating, check out the e-book that I wrote, The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan.

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