Meet Blake Turner – our Ultra-trails pocket rocket!

Feeling uninspired today? Well then meet Blake Turner – our pocket rocket who joined the Basecamp towards the end of 2015. As one of the many Trail and Ultra-trail enthusiasts who train with us, he initially joined to use our Altitude Chamber training facility in preparation for a big event, but soon came to love being a part of the like-minded community and stuck around to continue his training.
Blake competed in the Everest Marathon, which is the World’s highest trail running marathon from Everest Basecamp (5364m) to Namche Bazaar (3440m)! He says that Joe’s Basecamp has hugely improved his strength which has helped his overall performance with his running, but being surrounded by knowledgeable people and hearing their insights into the great outdoors is what motivates him to keep pursuing amazing adventure goals. Blake is currently training for Racing the Planet, a 250km stage race in Patagonia that he will be participating in alongside a couple of our other members.

When asked how he thinks he has changed since joining Joe’s Basecamp, he says he has learnt “to listen to people more, because there are many more people in the local community doing amazing things than I initially thought.” So what is trail runner Blake’s key to happiness? Doing more of what you love and being spontaneous! He says that “Don’t stop” is a great mantra to live by. Whether you’re running through the high altitude mountains of Nepal or going about your daily tasks – “don’t stop learning, don’t stop trying new things, don’t stop living.” We are sure Blake will be telling himself this as he runs through Patagonia later in the year, and we will keep you updated on his amazing adventure!
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