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Meet Chris Murphy – keen trekker with an appetite for adventure!

We believe that one way of getting the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure… And one man doing just that is Chris Murphy! Chris is a more recent Basecamp member, having joined last year in August, but got stuck in to the training from the get-go! He wanted to be part of the inspirational environment and says that whether you are seeking motivation to push through a training session, or inspiration for a next adventure, you’ll find it at Joe’s Basecamp!
Chris has just returned from this year’s trek to Everest Basecamp which he believes has been an avenue for personal growth, as well as increasing his mental strength and appetite for more adventure and challenges! “It was more challenging, more gnarly, more fun, more educational and more exciting than I expected, and it’s got me psyched for more!” he says. Having ticked Everest Basecamp off his bucket list, Chris is hoping to get more involved in mountain climbing later in the year. He is also interested in competing in marathons and hopes to run the Kepler Challenge 60km trail/mountain run in New Zealand because his father did it last year and smashed it (we’re sensing a bit of the ol’ family rivalry here, aren’t you?)

Chris has seen many benefits of training at Joe’s, but none more noticeable than the constant motivation and inspiration he gains from those around him. “Being in the best shape of my life is just a bi-product of all the training I’m doing to be the best version of myself” he says. Above all, Chris is passionate about being a good person, having a positive impact on the world, and practicing gratitude and self-awareness. All we can say is he’s doing a damn good job!
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