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Our First Garage Crew Member of the month – Malissa Burwood

As you all know in the past we have had a regular client focus. We recently decided we wanted to do a bit more than that. We wanted to honour the garage crew and our friends.
So what are the criteria to get this oh, so most coveted award?Well there aren’t any specific ones really. It’s not so much about pulling your PB on Deadlifts as helping out the person working out next to you…. It’s about being part of a team. It’s about how you are as a person and as part of our quirky little exercise fuelled community.
So who is first?
Malissa Burwood’s first session with us was only a year ago and in that short time she has become such a huge part of our community that after much
deliberation we are going to blow up Connecticut and put a hit out on her husband to prevent her from moving back to the USA.
Originally a Kiwi girl, Malissa had moved to Sydney after living in the States for the last 12 years and found our gym very soon after getting settled.
A regular at the 9:30 class, she has made many friends at the gym and quickly became an old hand, helping new people get started  and making newbies feel at home with her friendly ways. She goes out of her way for everybody around her, even to the point of collecting our old spin bikes and stashing them in her council clean up when we couldn’t get rid of them. She’s looked after other peoples kids, helped other Garage Crew out….. even taken Milo for a walk. Malissa trains hard, she gives everything a go and will always try something new, she is also massively encouraging to all those around her.
She is basically one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I’ve met. Malissa can take a joke and she can pay it back out. We are all going to miss her! Anyway enough from me. This is what Malissa had to say:
Who are you? Malissa Burwood
How old are you? 41
What are you passionate about? Friends and family. I would be nothing without them.
Why Joe’s Garage? Professional trainers, Inspiring people, wicked Christmas parties.
How long have you been training with Joe and or Joe’s Garage? Half way through my first session I told myself to just get through that workout and I will never go back. A year later Im doing chin ups, burpees and Deadlifting 100kgs. I’m glad I silenced that voice.
What is your favourite workout and why? Running in De-load week. Its like slow runners revenge- no whiteboard, no times, just me and my entourage who have been sent back to find me ☺
If you could live anywhere where would it be? Connecticut (apparently).
What are you reading? Running Pink-The Deborah De Williams story- she ran over 820 kilometres on two broken feet. Respect!
What do you watch? The Block- my kids love it.
What are you listening to? Fellow Kiwi Lorde. Winning Grammys made the world forget about NZ and the Americas cup.
What’s your vice? Wine. Red or White. Box or bottle.
If you could have dinner with anybody who would it be? My mum, I miss her.
Tell us a secret? I’m actually a ultramarathon runner…….(hahahaha)
What have been the benefits of training at Joe’s Garage? Being able to do the running man for 3 songs in a row. And the people. The people are amazing.
What is the key to happiness? Being kind. Especially to yourself.
What is your next goal? Spartan with JGG crew. And those bloody double unders!
Malissa is going to get a really nice girlie gift pack filled with lots of smelly stuff

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