Principles of Training and Life?

Many people, let me call them the lost, don’t know that there are principles for living for training and for life. This means that they often are unfocused, and they don’t get the results in their training that they want. That’s if they know what results that they want. Hi, I’m Joe Bonington. I’m the bucket list coach, I’ve been a strength and performance coach specializing in wilderness activities and a trek leader in my own right for the last 20 years. We’re a bit different from the normal gym, and online coaching service. We have a bit of a different conversation to be honest. It’s not just about the training, it’s more about getting more out of life. And we believe that principles help us do that.

Now, I’m going to give you the basecamp 17 principles–17 and counting.
1 – the mind is everything. It’s everything to do with man’s achievements that started as a thought.
2 – practice gratitude daily.
3 – Without tracking you’re not training, you’re exercising.
4 – Exercising is not training. All training has elements of exercise, but not all exercises is training.
5 – An hour in the gym or on the trail does not replace movement over a day. 10,000 steps is a true rule. And for long term health and for flushing the system greasing the groove, it’s really important to keep moving.
6 – Never, never, never sacrifice form for speed, weight or ego. It’s ego that hurts and in wilderness environments kills people.
Number 7 is actually a quote from a guy called Mark Twight, a famous alpinist and strength and conditioning coach in his own right. And that is, “hard does not mean effective”.
Now, 8 – eight is building of stamina and endurance is bulletproofing against fatigue. It’s fatigue that affects performance and will cost you a race or in some activities, it can cost you much, much more.
9 – Practice your strength in end ranges, because it’s in the end ranges that we often hurt ourselves.
10 – Practice the art of practice.
11 – Don’t look for motivation. Build inner discipline.
12 – Build your foundation first. Don’t get fancy too early.
13 – You’re only as strong as the mechanics that moves you. Focus on the hips, the spine, the ankles, the knees and the shoulders.
14 – The end result does not finish on the finish line or on top of the mountain. It’s the effect on you and those around you and the planet as a whole.
15 – Only chase goals that are ethical for you, for those around you and for the planet itself.
16 – Life is a team sport, even when your activity may be a solo activity. You need to be grateful for all those around you who’ve got you to this point where you are today and where you’ll go tomorrow as well.
And then lastly, there is always a purpose greater than us. So look beyond the end of your nose.

So does your current program run by principles? Are they effective? Does your coach or the people you train with care? Do they give a shit? Do you care? If you do DM me or leave a message below. Tell me what principles you train and live by.

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